Summer 2012 saw DWA work on the pilot of Channel 4/Objective Productions' Toast Of London, primarily to create the title sequence, although the fanciful and often surreal nature of Matt Berry and Arthur Matthews creation meant there was also a great deal of visual effects work needed on sequences that could not be created in camera.

A series was commissioned the following year, and whilst the titles remained pretty much the same (bar a change in colour palette), there was once again a great deal of visual effects work and graphics required for within the body of the show. These included a spontaneous combustion effect and a spoof 007 title sequence for the final episode.

Toast returned for a second series in 2014 with a new title sequence, again devised by Dave in collaboration with Matt Berry, director Michael Cumming and producer Kate Daughton. Following success at the 2014 British Comedy Awards the series has been recommissioned for a third series in 2015.

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Toast Of London title sequence (pilot)     Duration: 0:26     Director/Animator/Compositor: Dave Whyte

Toast Of London Bonus Ball title sequence (series 1, episode 6)     Duration: 0:36     Director/Animator/Compositor: Dave Whyte

Toast Of London spontaneous combustion effects shots     Duration: 0:05     Compositor: Dave Whyte

Toast Of London eye roll effects shots     Duration: 0:03     Compositor: Dave Whyte

Toast Of London fencing electrocution effects shots     Duration: 0:07     Compositor: Dave Whyte

Toast Of London audience composite effects shot and spinning newspaper graphics     Duration: 0:09     Compositor/Designer: Dave Whyte