In 2012, DWA produced the titles and graphics for the E4/2LE Media hidden camera show The Work Experience.

Using a combination of live action and 3d animation, the titles utilise areas within the fictional Grade PR offices as a backdrop to reveal the actor credits, whilst also giving a few hints about what the viewer can expect from their characters. The Polaroids seen in the titles also serve as a visual motif for the in-show graphics, most notably in the episode summary prior to the big reveal to the infortunate interns.

The work was directed and composited by Dave Whyte. Steve Green provided the 3d modelling and animation.

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The Work Experience title sequence (episode 1)     Duration: 0:22     Director/Compositor: Dave Whyte     Modeller/Animator/Compositor: Steve Green

The Work Experience reveal graphic (episode 2)     Duration: 0:16     Director/Compositor/Animator: Dave Whyte