As a huge sports fan, Dave was delighted to be involved in the Channel 4/Objective Productions series Pete Versus Life, a show in which a hapless aspiring journalist (Rafe Spall) has the minutiae of his life continually analysed by two sports commentators, Colin and Terry. For it, Dave devised the visual language of the commentary sections, drawing on the look of Sky Sports News whilst making nods towards the aesthetics of league tables, formations, Hawkeye replays and Snickometers.

Given the nature of the programme, the graphics proved to be a huge part of the show and Dave relished the opportunity to add visual detail and jokes that weren't necessarily in the script. Shortly after the second series of Pete Versus Life aired in 2011, Dave was nominated for the BAFTA breakthrough talent award for his work on the show. Unfortunately he didn't win, but this nomination led to him being selected for BAFTA's Brits To Watch event the following year. As one of 42 representatives of emerging UK talent, Dave was privileged to attend a black tie dinner in Los Angeles, where his work was presented to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and a frankly bewildering array of Hollywood A-Listers.

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Pete Versus Life Title sequence (series 2, episode 1)     Duration: 0:33     Designer/Animator/Compositor: DaveWhyte

Pete Versus Life Drugs. Colin enlists the help of class A drugs expert Bez from the Happy Mondays to explain the effects of Ecstasy     Duration: 0:39     Designer/Animator/Compositor: Dave Whyte

Pete Versus Life Jake's party. Pete realises a little too late that he's about to stumble into yet another social faux pas     Duration: 0:26     Designer/Animator/Compositor: Dave Whyte

Pete Versus Life League Table of Attractive Men. Pete's stock falls dramatically as an administrative error sees him relegated to the Conference     Duration: 0:40     Designer/Animator/Compositor: Dave Whyte

Pete Versus Life Mamma Mia. Colin and Terry discuss the dubious practice of 'second acting'     Duration: 0:21     Designer/Animator/Compositor: Dave Whyte