Another comedian DWA frequently produces work for is Peep Show star Robert Webb. As well as the HD titles of Peep Show itself, Dave also created a DVD extra for series six of the programme. Entitled How To Make Peep Show, the 3 minute featurette combined live action out-takes with 2D animation to give a behind the scenes look at the world of Mark, Jez, Super Hans and his pet snake.

Following this, DWA also created work for the Robert Webb fronted Space (pilot), the third and fourth editions of BBC3's Great Movie Mistakes and the Channel 4 series Robert's Web, all via Objective Productions.

On the titles for Space, Dave was assisted by Steve Green who provided all the 3D modelling and animation.

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Peep Show How To Make Peep Show animated DVD extra (series 6)     Duration: 3:01     Director/Animator/Compositor: Dave Whyte

Space (pilot) title sequence     Duration: 0:30     Director/Compositor/Graphic Designer: Dave Whyte     3D Modeller/Animator/Compositor: Steve Green

Great Movie Mistakes 3 title sequence. A parody of 1960s James Bond credit sequences     Duration: 0:28     Director/Compositor/Graphic Designer: Dave Whyte

Great Movie Mistakes 4 title sequence. A parody of the original Tron movie, with a slight visual nod to Tron Legacy     Duration: 0:32     Director/Animator/Compositor/Graphic Designer: Dave Whyte

Robert's Web A History Of Online Gaming In-show VT detailing how we evolved from Pong to Second Life     Duration: 1:42     Animator/Compositor: Dave Whyte     Directors: Andrew Chaplin & Lucy Forbes