As a teenage fan of Harry Enfield & Chums and The Fast Show, Dave was delighted to produce work for the recent series of Harry & Paul for BBC1 (Tiger Aspect Productions).

The work he did varied from visual effects to graphical stings within the show - very often parodies of known Television shows or films. These included graphics for fake Citroën adverts featuring the wacky capers of Gallic comedy duo Jonny Et Bing. Dave was also heavily involved in the sketches transposing the characters from smutty 70s comedy On The Buses into TV favourites such as Dr. Who and Sherlock, producing deliberately shonky1970s alien planet sets for the former, and a mini title sequence and bawdy 'mind palace' graphics for the latter.

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Harry & Paul Bob & Bob 'Crazy' advert     Duration: 0:45     Graphic Designer: Dave Whyte

Harry & Paul Jonny Et Bing 'Chuckle Sexy' advert     Duration: 0:35     Graphic Designer: Dave Whyte

Harry & Paul Sherlock On The Buses 'mind palace' deduction graphics     Duration: 0:34     Graphic Designer/Animator: Dave Whyte

Harry & Paul Sherlock On The Buses title sequence     Duration: 0:13     Graphic Designer/Compositor: Dave Whyte

Harry & Paul On The Tardises background design. 1970s era Dr Who alien planet     Duration: 2:26     3D Modeller/Compositor: Dave Whyte