Al Murray's Great British Pub Quiz

26 MAR

Client: Avalon/Quest

Delivery: 30 second fully animated title sequence and break bumpers. In show graphics such as general graphic kit of parts, illustration and prop designs. The biggest in-show graphics job was designing all the Photoshopped images for 'Al and Shaun's Holiday Snaps' - a round within the quiz

Timescale: 10 weeks

Job Roles: Directing, designing animating and compositing the title sequence and stings, using Adobe Creative Suite software and Autodesk 3ds Max. In show GFX were created with the same software - primarily Photoshop for the holiday snaps

Holiday Snaps_Bangkok_Medium_131218_V1
Holiday Snaps_Brighton_Medium_131218_V1
Holiday Snaps_Glastonbury_Tor_Medium_050219_V5
Holiday Snaps_Louvre_Medium_290119_V2
Holiday Snaps_Rushmore_Easy_141218_V1