DWA News

4th Mar

Unspun With Matt Forde

Client: Avalon/Dave Delivery: Stills-based work for various items during Phil Wang's segment of the show. Animated graphics were also provided for a Tez Illyas VT Timescale: Occasional work spread across a 5 week period Job Roles: Dave Whyte created the stills-based work in...

14th Feb

Britain Today Tonight

Client: 2nd Act/Channel 4 Delivery: Overall design and branding for spoof news show Britain Today Tonight. This included an animated logo, stings, straps, background plates, etc. Bespoke in-show graphics (not in the house style) were also created on request Timescale: 6 weeks Job Roles:...

5th Feb

John Richardson: How To Survive The End Of The World

Client: Rumpus/Channel 4 Delivery: Animated title card, along with 13 in-show graphics (all using an animated, stop motion recreation of Jon's fridge) Timescale: 2 weeks Job Roles: Dave Whyte animated the graphics using a combination of Adobe Animate and 3d Studio Max. After Effects...

29th Jan

Second Opinion (Pilot)

Client: Rumpus/BBC2 Delivery: Logo design; 10 second animated title card; backdrop for the set; all in-show graphics - both in the house style and for bespoke one-off items (eg. props, Photoshop jobs, etc) Timescale: 3 weeks Job roles: Dave Whyte designed the logo in Photoshop and...

23rd Jan

Play To The Whistle Series 3

Client: Hungry Bear/ITV1 Delivery: Several new animated stings to introduce rounds within the show Timescale: 3 weeks Job Roles: Dave Whyte animated the stings using a combination of Adobe Animate, Adobe After Effects and 3d Studio Max

20th Jan

Harry Hill's Alien Fun Capsule

Client: CPL/ITV1 Delivery: 30 second title sequence, in-show 'kit of parts' graphics and bespoke graphics for props, signage and stings related to content within the show Timescale: 4 weeks for titles and graphic kit of parts. Episode specific graphics were designed as requested...