DWA News

28th Jul

Comedians Solve World Problems (Taster)

Client: Rumpus/Comedy Central Delivery: Animated title card, stings and transitions in the house style. Bespoke in-show graphics for specific bits of voiceover Timescale: 1 Week Job Roles: Dave Whyte created the house graphics in 3d Studio Max and After Effects. The in-show graphics...

8th Jun

Channel 4 Alternative Election

Client: Zeppotron/Channel 4 Delivery: In-show graphics for Channel 4's General Election coverage, including stings, stills and animation Timescale: 3 day's prep work; on site in Pinewood Studio for Election Night Job Roles: Dave Whyte created all work in Photoshop, Illustrator,...

30th Apr

8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown 2017

Client: Zeppotron/Channel 4 Delivery: Various in-show graphics, in the form of animated stings, signage, Photoshopped stills and designs for props Timescale: Occasional day's work as requested accross a 3 month period Job Roles: Dave Whyte created animated stings using a combination...

11th Apr


Client: BBC1 Delivery: In-show design package and bespoke graphics for stills, letters and newspaper clippings to match voiceover Timescale: 4 weeks Job Roles: Dave Whyte created the graphics in After Effects, using a mixture of Photoshop elements and stock video footage

25th Mar

Joel & Nish Versus The World

Client: Rumpus/Comedy Central Delivery: 10 second animated title card, break bumpers and in-show explainatory animations - three to four 20-35 second animations per show across 6 shows, each with a slightly different colour scheme to reflect the episode location Timescale: 10 weeks Job...

19th Mar

Comic Relief

Client: BBC1 Delivery: Two stings for segments within Comic Relief - "Innuendo Bingo" and "Your Mum" Timescale: 2 days Job Roles: Dave Whyte created Innuendo Bingo using After Effects and Photoshop. He built and animated the "Your Mum" sting in 3d Studio...